What to do at Phuket?

What to do at Phuket?

The question is not that one gets bored, the problem is to find enough time to enjoy all attractions that the island offers. You can spend a day on one of the snow white beaches, sun tanning, drifting in the clear, warm water, snorkeling along the coast, meeting new people, taking a snack in one of the many small stalls at the beaches, enjoy a massage or just watch the busy folks at the waterfront.

Or you can pass an afternoon on one of the pools of the larger hotels reading a good book, tasting one of the delightful tropical cocktails and just be lazy. Excursions and activities are infinitive at Phuket. Like for example an island roundtrip visit the colourful town market, a butterfly garden, Buddhist temples, nature reserves with waterfalls and rain forest, trips to the Mainland or to the many islands surrounding Phuket. The active sportsman can dive, sail, waterski, paraglide horse ride or play tennis or golf. Also the night activist will find his pleasure in one of the many bars, pubs or beach stalls or enjoying a show of international standard at Simon Cabaret or Fantase.

Dining in Phuket

The Thai kitchen is a dream itself. Fish and seafood in all variations, chicken, pork and beef prepared with exotic spices, vegetables that Europeans seldom have tasted and tropical fruits that have natural matured. All this fresh prepared and served with a smile makes every single dinner at Phuket a feast.

About Phuket

The island of Phuket lies in the Andaman Sea, a one-hour flight southwest of Bangkok. Its gently rolling hills covered with tropical vegetation, its kilometers of white sandy beaches flanked by palms and its delightfully warm water make Phuket a Paradise for watersport enthusiasts and sun lovers. You never will forget its bewitching scenery, its secluded beaches, nor the friendly Thai people, their culture and incredible cusine. The size of Phuket with its one city and numerous towns and villages allows you freedom to move about. With so many things to see and to do you won´t have time for island fever.