Want to Become a Better Scuba Diver?

Okay, so you’ve finished shopping for gear and already have the certification to match. You’re probably itching to jump into beautiful blue waters right now. And while the training process might have taught you all of the basics, there are still other things to consider if you want to become better or even a pro. This article outlines principles that every seasoned scuba diver practices.

Learn to go solo – What this means is that you should know how to be able to survive on your own. This is not about being able to book Norfolk Island hotels or make arrangements for a liveaboard boat on your own initiative. It’s more on being ready to handle an emergency while you’re underwater. Ergo, you should have all the equipment you may need as if you were actually going solo on hand.

Be familiar with your environment – While this seems impossible when you’re heading to somewhere new, you must learn to adjust quickly before and while you’re off exploring. Listen carefully to the briefing and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Prepare a list of what you would like to know beforehand if you like. After all, you don’t want to end up getting lost or injured. Your safety when scuba diving has to be your priority when you’re attempting a dive in a new spot.

Know proper weighting – You must be aware of the proper breathing technique so your body will sink by now. However, it never hurts to regularly check your buoyancy so you can make any adjustments should there be a need to do so. Also, be aware that it’s the first few feet of descent and towards the end that can be tricky so pay attention to these parts. The rule of thumb is that you should float at eye level with an empty BCD (buoyancy control device) while holding a normal breath.

Further your education – This serves to make you more confident when diving and may entail spending plenty of time at Norfolk Island hotels and liveaboard boats. A good start would be signing up for Advanced Open Water certification. This allows you to qualify for deeper dives while giving you more time. From there, you can take speciality training to hone your skills. Examples include PROJECT AWARE, Wreck Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Deep Diving.

Becoming better at scuba diving won’t happen overnight. It will take lots of work but it can be worth it if you love to explore underwater worlds. Just persevere even if it seems difficult as that’s what all seasoned divers did to become as good as they are now.

Exciting Scuba Diving opportunities in Phuket, Thailand

If you’re after a vacation with a difference, then why not head for Phuket in Thailand? Phuket in the South of Thailand is an exciting place to visit with so many attractions and water sports activities to enjoy. This popular resort is renowned for its scuba diving opportunities which reputable online companies can provide. Scuba diving off Kata and Karon Beach in the Andaman Sea is what water sports are all about when overseas, while online Thailand holiday specialists can provide you with a vacation package of a lifetime.

Get in touch with Thailand holiday experts online today including scuba diving schools in Phuket to find out more about:

Day trips
Liveaboard boats
Liveaboard destinations
Scuba diving education courses
Facilities and amenities

No visit to Phuket is complete without experiencing the very best in scuba diving to see the fantastic marine life and colourful coral reefs. The island of Phuket provides holidaymakers with breathtaking beaches, mountains and shorelines including rocky reefs which are perfect for scuba diving. Why not let holiday specialists in Phuket make all the necessary flight arrangements along with comparing prices to make sure you get the best possible deal?

Try a scuba diving course when on holiday

Scuba diving is great fun whether you’re on holiday on the Vanuatu Islands or in Phuket. Friendly scuba diving trainers can teach you the ins and outs of this thrilling water sport activity. Once you have learned the basics of scuba diving it’s time to take to the Andaman Sea in Phuket to explore:

  • Crab Island – a small uninhabited island only a five minute long tail boat ride from the Southern end of Kata beach
  • Karon Rock- Karon Rock is a large granite boulder surrounded by other rocks where scuba divers can swim in and out of
  • Kata Noi Reef – this particular diving site is only accessible by long tail boat. There are around two miles of coral reef to depths of 16 meters. It’s also a great place to see blue spotted stingrays, so don’t forget to take your underwater camera.

Make sure you have your camera at the ready when travelling around Phuket which both offer visitors fantastic scenery along with a wonderful holiday experience. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with reputable diving schools in Phuket holiday specialists via the net.

Planning Your Next Holiday: Different Dive Spots in Phuket

Travelling around the world offers so much more than what money can buy. You can learn more about the culture in Japan, witness the sunset from an amazing stretch of sand in Madagascar, try different large holiday cottages in the UK and swim in the beautiful waters of Thailand. When you are in Thailand, all you can think about is splurging yourself with their culture and going to their natural tourist destinations. This is not even a new idea since many people would go out of their way just to have a holiday in Thailand and dive into their ecological rich waters. When it’s your turn to try one of the best destinations in the world, you better list down in advance the best activities and the best dive spots in Phuket, Thailand. 

Staghorn Reef Dive Site

Taken from its name, this dive spot is rich in Staghorn Corals. There are lots of juvenile fishes that add beauty to this rich reef. You can also find Whitetip reef sharks resting on the sand at the bottom of the sea, which is quite a fantastic view when diving into the waters. Going there takes a 2-hour boat trip from Phuket.

Kata Beach

This is where the Phuket Scuba Club is situated. They offer diver education, Liveaboard diving cruises and daily dive tours around the place. The environment in this area offers both relaxation and adventure for a satisfying holiday. The underwater view is as diverse as those in the European dive spots. They have a rich ecosystem with tons of colourful organisms that make you want to extend your stay at the holiday cottages in the UK for short or longer breaks. In Thailand, Kata beach will make you want to stay even longer because you can learn about diving practices and safety measures from professional divers. The experience in the tropical waters will be worth all your holiday preparation.

Phuket Shark Point

This is one of the best diving spots in Phuket. Here, you will find many unique sea creatures that are worth your dive. There are three pinnacles with different depths and you can choose how deep you want to go through these options. You can see beautiful marine life such as a Boxfishes, Leopard sharks, Bamboo sharks and sea snakes! These one-of-a-kind creatures will make you want to visit Phuket as soon as possible.

Once you start planning your next holiday, keep your budget in mind before getting towards the rest. If you were able to book great family holiday cottages in the UK during your previous holiday, it is likely you will be able to get similarly comfortable and affordable accommodation in Phuket, Thailand. After which, ensure your itinerary with the help of a travel agent or experienced traveller who can guide you on deciding your destinations.

Never forget the essence of travelling because it can give you incomparable experiences. You do not have to worry about booking good and large holiday cottages in the UK, Thailand, Australia or anywhere you want to go as long as you are ready to make budget adjustments for other tour expenses. Besides that, many more attractions are worth planning for your next holiday. These dive spots in Phuket are a few of those that are worth your next tour. Start planning now and be ready to witness the beauty of nature.

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Do you like to inject more fun and adventure into your holiday? Do you like to break away from your usual weekend pleasures of dining out and going out to pubs? Then why not pick up diving as a hobby? Imagine how awesome it would be to see ocean life up close, discover new marine wonders, while getting some exercise. If you’re interested to go on an undersea adventure, make sure to have the following necessities first:

1. Physical Training

Condition your body for whatever circumstances you may face while in the waters. Remember, you may be diving in the open seas, water forms under caves or in freshwater diving sites. Discovering those natural wonders requires you to swim long distances and dive deep depths so you have to develop a strong physique. You may need to have a consistent workout routine to boost your endurance. Eat healthily and have enough sleep. You might also like to take in food supplements such as protein powder and vitamins to build and strengthen your muscles. Doing the following cross-training exercise can also help:

  • jogging to improve cardiovascular functions, as well as to strengthen your feet and leg muscles
  • ballet or yoga to boost your flexibility and core control

2. Social Support

Surround yourself with like-minded people. Join a diver’s club. Remember, the best reward that you can get from joining clubs is having the opportunity to visit dive sites with a group. More importantly, you will learn the basics and safety protocols of diving. If you happen to be here in Thailand, you can join the Phuket Scuba Club to visit the underwater marvels of this country, especially in Racha Yai, Koh Doc Mai, Anemone Reef, Sharkpoint and Racha Noi.

3. Gear and Equipment

Equipping yourself with the right equipment and gear is a must so you can enjoy the underwater world with safety. Know the tools you need for a safe dive before going on your first underwater adventure. Amongst the essentials you should have are the following:

  • Snorkel
  • Dive mask
  • Depth Gauge/SPG
  • Power Inflator/BC
  • Dive Computer
  • Octopus/Regulator
  • Wetsuit
  • Scuba Fins
  • Accessories (e.g. dive knife, dive case, dive lights)


Remember, picking up diving as a hobby will allow you to witness life in the depths of the seas—with vibrant coloured fish, anemones and coral reefs. So if you’re now ready for a deep-sea swim, stock up on that healthy food and protein powder, get in shape, sign up for training, get the right gear and get ready to discover one of the best hobbies!

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Passion or Career? Do You Really Have to Choose?

“Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honour your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Whenever you hear about people who have become successful in their careers because they pursued their passion, do you wish you could be like them? Then what’s stopping you? If it’s just because you aren’t sure if your passion can give you a stable job, then think twice. Here are some common passions and ideas on how they can become a career.

1. Fitness Buff

Do you…

…sit at your desk in your 8-5 job do you wish that you were working up a sweat at the gym instead of just staying idle in your chair for several hours a day?

…want to motivate your co-workers and more people to take better care of their health and to become fitter?

…think new exercise routines and techniques are more exciting than paperwork and desk jobs?

Then the career for you is…

…a professional trainer.

How to pursue this career:

– equip yourself with the skills and knowledge of teaching proper fitness by enrolling in personal training courses at a reputable institution in Phuket or your locality. Having the training and certifications can deepen your knowledge and boost your credentials.

– be updated on the latest techniques and practices in fitness training, diet and nutrition, and health technology. There are so many exercise and eating trends today so you need to be flexible to cater to different clients.

– learn how to manage and motivate different personality types. Remember that you are working with people who require various levels of patience, have different health or fitness issues and goals, and need to be motivated uniquely.

2. Ocean Lover

Do you…

…wish to explore the flora and fauna under the sea and have a deep respect for all creatures living under or around the water?

…experience a sense of peace and joy when you are in the ocean?

…feel saddened or worried when you hear stories of oil spills, unexplained washing up of sea animals on shores, and the growing concern for global warming and pollution?

Then the career for you is…

…an ocean conservationist.

How to pursue this career:

  • learn how to dive. If you want to explore the depths of the sea and meet the creatures of the ocean up close and personal then you’re going to have to put on your scuba gear.
  • get a degree in marine biology. But if you don’t have the resources then sign up for short training courses. Volunteer for oil spill and beach clean ups, become a member of conservation groups, or apply for a non-government organisation that specialises in saving the seas.

3. Sports Fan

Do you…

…dream of working with professional athletes?

…spend your free time watching games of your favourite sports star or team, analyse plays and make predictions about the wins and losses?

…closely follow the progress of players and teams in your favourite sport?

…have the competitiveness and determination of an athlete?

…work hard to be healthy and fit by exercising like a professional player and by engaging in your fave sport?

Then the career for you is…

…a sports coach or team manager.

How to pursue this career:

  • organise local sports groups and join competitions in your community. Even if they aren’t professional teams and you most likely won’t earn anything as the coach, you will gain experience and credibility especially if your players win games.
  • ask schools in your locality if they are in need of a coach or team manager and apply for the position.
  • sign up for Brisbane personal training courses so you have the knowledge and skills to mentor and plan programmes for athletes. Sports players need to maintain optimum health and fitness and it will be your job to make sure they stay on track.

Does your passion fit into any of these career options? If it doesn’t, then continue looking for a job that will allow you to do what you love and earn at the same time. The point here is with good planning and determination, you can honour your calling and still be successful. Do what you love and love what you do.