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Old Town Phuket

Old Town Phuket While Phuket is famed for its pristine beaches, the island holds a treasure trove of history and culture within the confines of Old Town Phuket. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area boasts a captivating blend of Sino-Portuguese shophouses, Chinese temples, and mosques. Historical Tapestry of Old Town Phuket Established […]

Phuket Big Buddha

Big Buddha Phuket: A Spiritual Ascent to Tranquility  A Historical Tribute Discover the rich history behind the creation of Big Buddha Phuket, a profound tribute initiated by local communities to honour the revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Explore the spiritual significance that makes this colossal statue a symbol of unity and faith in Phuket. An Enchanting […]

What Is Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a water sport that enables people to breathe underwater while exploring fascinating and unbelievable oceanography and vast marine life. For safety reasons, scuba divers usually dive with a partner or buddy. This article applies to recreational diving as opposed to technical diving. Scuba Training The required scuba training is easy to find […]

Box Jellyfish Phuket

Encounters with box jellyfish in Phuket, among the most venomous creatures on Earth, add a thrilling dimension to the underwater world of Thailand. Found in the waters surrounding Phuket, these small yet potent jellyfish, with tentacles reaching up to 10 feet, present both beauty and danger. Their sting, powerful enough to be fatal, makes them […]

What to do at Phuket?

The question is not that one gets bored, the problem is to find enough time to enjoy all attractions that the island offers. You can spend a day on one of the snow white beaches, sun tanning, drifting in the clear, warm water, snorkeling along the coast, meeting new people, taking a snack in one […]

Planning a Scuba Dive Vacation

Scuba Dive Vacation Phuket For divers like myself, who live in the Rocky Mountains, winter means regular ice and snowstorms, navigating slippery roads around town, and waiting for the snowplough guy to show up. We expect winter to last from November through May, and we don’t whine when it begins in October and ends in June. […]

Flying After Diving

Why Do Divers Have to Wait to Fly? Flying after diving The answer relates to pressure inside the body. If the surface is the baseline, each person has one atmosphere of weight at this level. Divers do not notice this weight. However, for every 33 feet (10 meters) of sea water (fsw = feet of […]

Scuba Diving Clubs Phuket

Exciting Scuba Diving Opportunities with Clubs in Phuket Discover exhilarating scuba diving experiences in Phuket. This renowned Thai destination offers captivating dive sites, featuring shipwrecks and vibrant coral reefs. Additionally, professional instructors in Phuket ensure a seamless introduction for novices. Whether you’re into scuba diving or seeking a motorhome adventure in Thailand, reputable travel agents […]