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Phuket diving at The King Cruiser Wreck

The King Cruiser Wreck daytrip is located about 45 minutes east of Phuket. It sank on the 4th of May 1997 after hitting the top of Anemone Reef (another submerged dive site in the area). This catamaran was a car passenger ferry operating between Phuket and Phi Phi. It is 85 meters in length.

It is now situated closely to Anemone Reef, Sharkpoint and the Koh Doc Mai dive sites and the maximum depth is 32 meters. The passenger deck level is around 18 meters and the top part of the wreck is around 15 meters.

Over the years, as an artificial reef, an abundance of marine life has accumulated including bat fish, scorpion fish, loads of lion fish with the occasional turtle, leopard shark and bamboo shark.

It is marked by a buoy making it easier for divers to ascend and descend.

On days the visibility can be bad and there can be very strong currents. We recommend this dive site for experienced divers only.

Hin Mu Sang or the Sharkpoint daytrip dive site is located about 45 minutes east of Phuket en route to Ph Phi. This dive site is made up of 3 pinnacles structured in a north to south formation. The main pinnacle is visible from the surface and we used to regularly see leopard sharks and bamboo sharks.  There is an abundance of beautiful colourful soft and hard corals and huge sea fans as well as a diversity of marine life such as eels, scorpion fish, ornate ghost pipefish, snappers, groupers, lion fish, nudibranchs etc. There is also a chance of buddying up with the odd sea horse. The depth at this site is relatively shallow with a max depth of 24 meters and can have strong currents. This site is ideal or experienced divers.

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