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Juvenile Emperor Fish



MARCH, 2019

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The Phuket Scuba Club logo features the Juvenile Emperor Angelfish which develops into adulthood after about 30 months. Initially its colouring is electric blue with white rings. Once it reaches adulthood the colouring and marking change dramatically to bright yellow with blue stripes as well as black markings around the eyes. Hence our nick name for this amazing little marine creature as Ringo. The adult size can reach
as much as 40 cm.

These juvenile reef fish tend to be very shy loners moving very quickly among the corals and boulders for protection along the innermost reefs and are therefore not easy to photograph. The sub adults tend to move out further from the protective reef and the adults can be found further out in channels and areas where there is plenty of coral development. They are omnivores dining on plants, algae, sponges and smaller invertebrates as part of their diet. They are commonly found in the Indo Pacific oceans and can live up to 20 years.

They live is 3 appearance phases, the Juvenile, sub Juvenile and Adults and during these periods their colorings change quite dramatically.
The males are extremely protective and territorial over their areas which can be as large as 3050 meters. They tend to share their areas with two or more females. When feeling threatened they make a loud drumming noise.

When mating as adults the pairs ascend to the surface of the water to areas where currents can move the fertilized eggs to areas which are safer in order to avoid and protect the eggs from the larger predators living deeper below the surface

No Troubles, Just Bubbles

Photograph by  Phuket Scuba Club

“Experts claim that angelfish are very intelligent creatures that can recognize their owners (when kept as pets)”

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